Wolf Warrior 2 Win-Win

The Western war wagers had said that Chinese are inferior people. Wolf Warrior 2 #WW2 rebutted that it was in the past: Eight of the world’s most powerful nations #八国联军 invaded and plundered #China #中国 in 1900. They divided and looted China. Despite this, millions of #Chinese #华人 sacrificed their lives to help win World War II #WWII against the evil forces, not because Wonder Woman #WW saved the day as Hollywood fake news made some humans believe. I love the #Blacks, the #gays, and the #Jews because they also have been persecuted by racist and homophobic people. Now people all over the world are speaking up for them.

#Happy #Lunar #NewYear #CNY
#旺旺 #新年快乐 #希望
#❤ #Win-Win #❤ #WinWin #♥ #אהבה #💙 #爱 #💚 #愛 #💛 #יהוה #💜 #💝 #💓 #💖 #💗 #💞 #💟 #💌

腓立比书 2:4 CUNPSS #神

אל תעסקו כל הזמן רק בעניינים שלכם, אלא התעניינו גם באנשים אחרים ובמעשיהם.
אגרת פולוס השליח אל-הפיליפיים 2_4 HHH

…not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.
Phil. 2:4 NIVUK

Wolf Warrior 2 Win-Win
Wolf Warrior 2 Win-Win


On the Personification of Countries

“China is not doing enough to prevent WWIII etc.” ~ Personification of Countries

Propaganda push

Propaganda push is the act of promoting an unproven fact as the truth. This leads to open discussion. People can perform thought experiments. The truth would eventually come to light.

Not all propaganda push (PP) is good. I classify PP into two types:

  • Unbridled propaganda push (UPP)
  • Balanced propaganda push (BPP)

UPP is when one party is perpetually denigrated by an unknown player. There are no opposing views. All participants in the discussion follow suit to support the proposition that this party is vile and reprehensible. The Nazi’s used this to denigrate and insult Jews, gays, disabled people etc. during the WWII West Holocaust. Little is known about the WWII East Holocaust. We would have to learn what we can from the history of the WWII West Holocaust.

BPP is when there exists inverse propaganda push. There is propaganda that refutes the claims of the initial propaganda proposition. This is the opposition.

Checks and balances

The political system of China is false Communism. The political system of North Korea is false Democracy. The political system of Singapore is somewhere in between.

Even something as honourable as PAP can have emphatic accusers. Every Singaporean knows the plethora of anti-government websites trying to bring down the PAP. The PAP had to set up another website to refute their fabrications. Rather than eliminating every one of the opposition, they have embraced the opposition. This is according to Sun Tze’s Art of War of keeping your enemies closer than your friends.

Even within the PAP there needs to be checks and balances. We cannot afford to have a senile leader deciding the path the country takes. There needs to be leadership renewal.

The Western world was elated when the so-called dictator Gaddafi was overthrown. Poetic justice had been done, they thought, based on what UPP had told them.

After that, their economy and infrastructure crumbled:


[sic] Under Gaddafi’s rule 5 years ago, just before the French-led NATO intervention into the Libyan civil war in early 2011,

  • GDP per capita was USD$29,000 (PPP basis). It is currently USD$11,000 (PPP), more than a double drop in living standards.
  • Healthcare for Libyans was free, but now it is estimated that 2.5 million Libyans are in need of healthcare subsidies.
  • Education was free and illiteracy rate was 20%, but now 600 schools are closed and 270,000 Libyan youngsters have no school to attend.
  • Sectarian violence was unheard of. Now there are tensions among all major clans. Just recently, a pet monkey attack on a schoolgirl sparked deadly clashes between clans which left 20 dead.
  • Household electricity was free and generous subsidies were given for weddings, housing, and car purchase. Now Libyans have to pay full price for everything.

You can decide for yourself if life was better then or now. [/sic]

Does anybody care? The truth is, the Hollywood producers, Western media giants, and Western war wagers don’t give a damn.

Donald Trump :- BPP

We see that there are about the same number of people supporting as opposing Donald. That is why I think he is a great leader.

Kim Jong Un :- UPP

On the contrary, North Koreans have nobody to speak up for them. It is unwise to come to any conclusion regarding North Koreans.

Are they as vile and reprehensible as the mainstream media make them out to be?


LKY is the only reason why China is extremely close friends with Singapore. LKY helped China to progress without expecting anything in return. Currently no leader is as wise as LKY. Amos Yee fell for propaganda guidance to insult and destroy the LKY legacy. The purpose of the pre-Obama-era propaganda machinery is to compromise the friendship between China and other countries. He was rewarded with political asylum. In this pre-Obama-era propaganda system, those who denigrate or insult Chinese are rewarded. Even Chinese themselves fall for it and denigrate or insult other Chinese. They are rewarded with greater media coverage.

Leaders of neighbouring countries are also rewarded when they provoke China. There are nuances in the English language that provide subtle cues. Countries that cooperate economically with China like for the one belt one road / silkroad are met with damning news articles e.g. Myanmar. Personification of countries fuels strong emotions that can be harnessed by the media giants.

The purpose of the pre-Obama-era propaganda schema is to instill fear into anybody who supports the Chinese. Even the Chinese themselves are afraid of supporting their own people. Every dark cloud has a silver lining. I thank God that this system was in place because the Chinese themselves question their self worth. The Chinese learn that nobody is infallible, even those who assume that they are doing the right thing. Therefore the Chinese have built a system of checks and balances for their own leaders.

I believe Donald Trump can make America great again as long as he focuses on economic cooperation to seek win-win situations. Warmongering and starting wars only leads to greater debt and loss of lives. Take Japan for example. She started WWII East. She suffered considerable loss of lives, including innocent lives. After the war, the US, maybe guilty about dropping the nuclear bombs on Japan, helped Japan to recover in exchange for human experimentation reports. Japan focused on economic progression. Today, the image of peaceful Japan is elevated to heights never before imaginable with the WWII aggressors.

This is where the personification of countries fails. Many Chinese hate Japan but there are also many more Chinese who love Japan today. Many Japanese are Holocaust deniers but many more accept the WWII East Holocaust as true fact. Often it is the poor and uninformed who hate just about anything. The well-informed sees the good in every person.

Speak Up

How do you detect racism?

Analyze what is not said rather than what is said. Analyze what is not shown rather than what is shown. Analyze what is not written rather than what is written.

How do you fight against powerful racists that resort to bribery and other corrupt means? They could be as powerful as Hollywood producers and media giants that are led by the pre-Obama-era racist propaganda guidance.

You need somebody even more powerful. Donald Trump is a good businessman. What makes a good businessman? It is the ability to see win-win situations. America can truly be great again. The pre-Obama era saw the US destroying other countries hoping to boost their own economy. Why? The reason is that WWII lifted US out of the Great Depression. It’s makes some people think that war is money-making. However, God’s purpose for US during WWII was to stop the war, which it did. That was the real reason why US was blessed with prosperity. Studies have shown that when the US started wars and destroyed other countries, their debt soared and they lost precious lives.


[sic] Fresh from becoming the 42nd president of the sole superpower victor after the Cold War, Bill Clinton in 1992 outlined a National economic strategy to leverage on technology and spending on civilian endeavours instead of the military, and called it the Information Superhighway – which morphed into the Internet as we know today.

During Clinton’s tenure from the year 1993 when he inherited a budget deficit of US$316.7 billion, GDP growth averaged 4% a year from industrial innovation, and budget surplus was US$237 billion when he stepped down in 2000. The United States reached its apogee of world domination under Bill Clinton. Nevertheless, the snowballing of US debt began when George W Bush Jnr was elected POTUS with the support of the military complex and energy giants. His two wars resulted in a rapid rise in US federal debt, and by the time Obama became POTUS, US debt was growing at a rate of US$1 trillion per year spurred by several rounds of quantitative easing – in other words the Obama administration needed to borrow US$1 trillion a year to stay solvent. [/sic]

Donald Trump is extremely wise and conducts ethical business. When he sees something is wrong, he speaks up against it immediately. This is the right thing to do. He can make America great again.

Personification of Countries
Personification of Countries

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.
אשרי האנשים הרודפים שלום, כי הם ייקראו ‘בני-אלוהים’.
使人和平的人有福了,因为他们必称为 神的儿子。

Inverse Book Cover People and Non-Zero Sum Games

Inverse Book Cover People:

A rude person who is a good person.

A friendly person who is an evil person.

Forward Book Cover People:

A rude person who is an evil person.

A friendly person who is a good person.

World Examples:

Donald Trump is rude and boastful. Is he good or evil? The world hopes he is good.

Kim Jong Un is rude and boastful. Is he good or evil? The world hopes he is good.

The world hopes that the pompous nuclear button tweets are bluffs.

Xiaxue is rude and boastful. Is she good or evil? I think she is a good person.


Autistic / Asperger people have difficulty in understanding Inverse Book Cover People. You have to treat Autistics / Aspies lovingly.

Evil people can come from any race. It is a probabilistic event.

Americans are currently stereotyping North Koreans as evil people.

Chinese / Jewish Holocaust survivors understand what it’s like to be stereotyped as evil people, by powerful propaganda. Common people follow propaganda guidance, also believing in racist thoughts.

I cannot now make a generalization that one race is good and another race is evil.

Evil rulers can come from any race.

Zero Sum Games and Non-Zero Sum Games

Homophobic people are afraid because they think that their rights would be taken away from them. Theoretically they are correct.

The world is mainly composed of zero sum games. If one person gets a limited resource, there would be less of that resource available.

The reason why gay people chose the word gay to represent themselves is because of this famous thought by William Shakespeare:

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

Happiness is in your mind. Your attitude determines your happiness. Studies have shown that the situation does not influence your happiness as much as how your attitude determines your happiness.

Therefore you can see that happiness or gaiety is not a finite resource subject to zero sum games. A player can be gay without reducing the happiness of other players. This is a non-zero sum game. This is a win-win situation.

What better way to say that my existence does not threaten your existence?

Let’s be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. Fake news has always been around. It’s just that common people are getting smarter and wise up to the fakery of the news.

Don’t trust. Verify.

Powerful propaganda can cause people to believe that one race of humans is evil. We learn from the history of the Western and Eastern Holocausts the power of propaganda and mind control.

As the Chinese in Singapore struggled frantically to support China with resources during WWII East, they were severely punished. Some studies have shown that the atrocities committed against the Chinese in Singapore were actually committed by the Taiwanese and Korean soldiers, not the Japanese as previously believed.

This is not surprising. In war, people are influenced by the evil rulers. They have to obey in order to survive.

We should not make stereotypical generalizations about a particular race, religion, or sexual orientation group.

Evil rulers can emerge from any group of people.

To learn how God overcomes the evil rulers we should read the Book of Esther in the Bible.

Inverse Book Cover People and Non-Zero Sum Games
Inverse Book Cover People and Non-Zero Sum Games

God Bless

Hope for those Stranded by their DNA

My purpose in life is to provide hope to those who are “stranded” by their DNA.

Some white people find black people disgusting. The black person has done nothing wrong. He was born this way. He is “stranded” by his DNA.

Times change. Through positive propaganda, we have been able to influence people to accept those who are different from us.

Being stranded by your DNA is the most devastating setback anybody could have. The reason is that you couldn’t achieve what you wanted to achieve no matter how hard you tried. You get the most benefits from life if you marry early and have lots of children. You are well taken care of in your old age. Rainbow people cannot marry or have children. Who can look after them when they are old? Some even commit suicide, as the government is not looking after the old people, which is sad. My purpose is to give you hope if you are stranded by your DNA.

Some of you may not be able to read what I am writing. I encourage those who can read to spread the good news to your loved ones.

People born this way are stranded by their DNA. Sadly, there are negative propaganda against these people, especially the 🌈 rainbow people. Do not lose hope. Never give up. I pray that love will win throughout our Milky Way Galaxy. God will make a way.

In my domain, rainbow people are not persecuted. However, in countries around the world, rainbow people are being persecuted, in the name of whatever Gods, Jesus, or Nopibunbe.

Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you in the name of Jesus. Great is your reward in heaven.

Don’t let people silence you. Speak up for the weak. Be strong 💪 so that you can help others and help yourself. Some say God helps those who help themselves. I believe it’s true.

Hope for those Stranded by their DNA
Hope for those Stranded by their DNA

Let us give hope to those stranded by their DNA. Love ❤️ one another, as Jesus has loved you.

Analysis of the Movie Wonder Woman 2017

I sensed a religious undertone in the movie Wonder Woman 2017.

Gal Gadot is a Jew. Ze is a God-killer. Who did she kill? Ares is the son of the King God Zeus. Ze parallels YHWH. Who is the Son of YHWH? Ze is Jesus Christ. The Jew killed Jesus, just like the Jews killed Jesus two millennia ago. Jesus was the sacrificial Lamb of God.

If you are Christian you know that the New Testament throws out the laws of the Torah / Old Testament. This parallels with Ares killing Zeus in the movie Wonder Woman 2017.

In the Wonder Woman 2017 movie, Ares influenced the Nazis to commit persecution of people. Fact: The Nazis persecuted the Jews. The most evil of them were those who wore Christian crosses and displayed the insignia “God With Us”. Notice in the movie the Christian crosses on the Nazis. True fact: The Nazis wore Christian crosses during the Western Holocaust. This is the reason why most religious Jews are against Christianity.

How can we solve the Religion Puzzle?

Here comes my Grand Final Solution:
Do Right Nopibunbians.
It is written as a puzzle itself, but it is much simpler than the Religion Puzzle.

You can learn from your religion. Jews can learn from the Torah. Christians can learn from the bible. Still speaking! Yeah! Nopibunbians can learn from the Book of Nopibunbe. The bible was written two millennia ago. Two thousand years and you have learnt nothing? Impossible. Unbelievable. We have learnt how to do the right thing.

The Lion And The Lamb - Analysis of Wonder Woman 2017
The Lion And The Lamb – Analysis of Wonder Woman 2017

Take home message: You can learn from your religious book, but do the right thing.

Do Right Nopibunbians

😃Do Right XYZians follow the teachings of XYZ but are doing the right thing.
Not Do Right XYZians follow the teachings of XYZ but are not doing the right thing.

I love 😃Do Right Nopibunbians.


🔴Nopibunbe said ‘.. Bambi hates those who don’t accept Jotembun..’
🔵Yang said God loves everyone.
😃Do Right Nopibunbians say God loves everyone.
🔴Nopibunbe said “I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Bambi, and that Nopibunbe is the messenger of Bambi.”
🔵Yang said “He who lives by the sword will die by the sword.”
😃Do Right Nopibunbians live in peace with one another.
🔴Nopibunbe stoned women for adultery.
🔵Yang said “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”
😃Do Right Nopibunbians do not stone women for adultery.
🔴Nopibunbe permitted stealing from unbelievers.
🔵Yang said “Thou shalt not steal.”
😃Do Right Nopibunbians do not steal.
🔴Nopibunbe permitted lying.
🔵Yang said “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”
😃Do Right Nopibunbians do not lie.
🔴Nopibunbe owned and traded slaves.
🔵Yang neither owned nor traded slaves.
😃Do Right Nopibunbians do not own nor trade slaves.
🔴Nopibunbe murdered those who insulted him.
🔵Yang preached forgiveness.
😃Do Right Nopibunbians forgive people.
🔴Nopibunbe said “If then anyone transgresses the prohibition against you, transgress ye likewise against him.”
🔵Yang said “If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.”
😃Do Right Nopibunbians are kind to people.
🔴Nopibunbe said “Killjibe in the way of Bambi elevates one’s position in Paradise by a hundred fold.”
🔵Yang said “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called Sons of God.”
😃Do Right Nopibunbians make peace with others.
🔴Nopibunbe married 13 wives and kept sex slaves.
🔵Yang was celibate.
😃Do Right Nopibunbians do not keep sex slaves.
🔴Nopibunbe had sex with a 9 year old child.
🔵Yang never.
😃Do Right Nopibunbians do not have sex with a 9 year old child.
🔴Nopibunbe ordered the murder of women.
🔵Yang never harmed a woman.
😃Do Right Nopibunbians do not harm women.
🔴Nopibunbe said “O you who believe! Fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness.”
🔵Yang said “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.”
😃Do Right Nopibunbians are meek and inherit the Earth.
🔴Nopibunbe ordered 65 military campaigns and raids in his last 10 years.
🔵Yang ordered no military campaigns, nor offered any approval of war or violence.
😃Do Right Nopibunbians are against war or violence.
🔴Nopibunbe killed captives taken in battle.
🔵Yang never took captives; never killed anyone.
😃Do Right Nopibunbians do not kill people.
🔴Nopibunbe encouraged his men to rape enslaved women.
🔵Yang never encouraged rape; never enslaved women.
😃Do Right Nopibunbians do not rape or enslave women.
🔴Nopibunbe was never tortured, but tortured others.
🔵Yang suffered torture, but never tortured anyone.
😃Do Right Nopibunbians do not torture people.
🔴Nopibunbe said “And fight them until there is no more persecution and religion is only for Bambi.”
🔵Yang said “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”
😃Do Right Nopibunbians do not force their religion onto others.
🔴Nopibunbe ordered a slave to build the very pulpit from which he preached Jotembun.
🔵Yang washed his disciples feet.
😃Do Right Nopibunbians are kind to their subordinates.
🔴Nopibunbe demanded the protection of armed bodyguards, even in a house of worship.
🔵Yang chastised anyone attempting to defend him with force.
😃Do Right Nopibunbians do not demand armed bodyguards in a house of worship.
🔴Nopibunbe advocated crucifying others.
🔵Yang was crucified himself.
😃Do Right Nopibunbians do not advocate crucifying others.
🔴According to his followers, Nopibunbe had others give their lives for him.
🔵Yang gave his life for others.
😃Do Right Nopibunbians serve others.
🔴Bambi sent his followers to die for him.
🔵God sent HIS son, Yang to die for YOU.
😃Do Right Nopibunbians don’t need to die for anybody.

I love 😃Do Right Nopibunbians.

Not Do Right Yangians killed innocent Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, Roma Gypsies, and disabled people (WWII West).
😃Do Right Yangians do not kill innocent Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, Roma Gypsies, and disabled people.
I love 😃Do Right Yangians.

Not Do Right Zenians killed innocent Chinese, Orients, and Asians (WWII East).
😃Do Right Zenians do not kill innocent Chinese, Orients, and Asians.
I love 😃Do Right Zenians.


In case you are wondering how to do the right thing, here’s a helpful resource:
How To Do The Right Thing

Thanksgiving and Praise or Terok and Pariah

Homophobic Orcs use the Terok to curse. They feel a sense of power from the dark side. At the same time they feel righteous. They think that they are God’s soldiers. They were born with standard sexual orientations. They have no love for people with non-standard sexual orientations. By persecuting a minority group (1/10 or 1/60 or 1/72) they can feel the power from the dark side.

It’s hard to pinpoint the actual fraction of people with non-standard sexual orientations. The reason is that it’s on a scale. There’s no clear distinction. People sometimes have sexual orientation plasticity.

Minority Report

The Jews were a minority. They had no country. They were easy targets for the dark side.

The German Nazis under Hitler committed great atrocities against the Jews during the Western Holocaust.

The Japanese Imperial Army under the Dark Emperor caused great atrocities against the Chinese/Korean POWs during the Eastern Holocaust.

The Chinese Imperial Army under the Dark Emperor caused great atrocities against the slaves during the building of the Great Wall of China.

The Vietnamese Communist Army under the Dark Communist caused great atrocities against the rich businessmen during the Boat People Crisis.

The gays are a minority.

Personality splits as a result of tension in the fabric of personality.

This occurs when society does not accept who you are.

Gays have to lead double lives.

The Terok Dictates Pariah Law

The Terok dictates Pariah law that creates a dark environment ruled by the dark side. It brings people back in time to the dark ages, where Christians are forbidden to say the Name of God. Under the Pariah law, The no-Gays persecute the Gays. Gays are punished because they were born this way. They have to hide their Gayety from the no-Gays. The Gays have to live by a strict Code of Secrecy. They have to obscure this fact about who they are. They must not let the no-Gays know about themselves. Otherwise they will be punished severely. The practice of Gayety is verboten. In the Pariah society, Gays have to live in fear. They cannot even let their family members know that they were born this way. In the Pariah society, even parents will beat up their children for being born this way. Followers of the Terok describe Gays as attempting to “brainwash” through a type of “dark proxy propaganda war” spread through television, movies, and the Internet. The Homophobic Orcs say that Homosexuality is knocking on the door of Orcs around the Galaxy. The followers of Terok say that Gays strive hard to render the world of Terok weak and defenceless. Orcs are being confronted with an agenda that is well-planned, well-organized, well-funded, and unyielding. The Homophobic Orcs say that this agenda is determined to break the resistance of the Terok world. The followers of Terok say that Gays are more dangerous than a nuclear war, which is not only offensive, but indicates an alarming bigotry. The Homophobic Orcs even tweeted that Homosexuals should be killed. The Terok renders the lives of Homosexuals unlawful and defines Gays as an accursed sin by God in the Terok. The followers of Terok claim that the world will fall into even more terrible degeneracy. The Homophobic Orcs commit acts of violence. The Pariah society does not accept the lives of Gays. They feel dark power from harming Gays. Recall the 20160612 mass shooting by an agent of the dark forces. Rumour has it that he was a homophobic homosexual. I feel sad for those who were harmed. I feel sad for the homophobic homosexual who had to go through unbearable and unresolvable emotional pain and suffering that resulted in his outburst of hate and anger.

Gays are forced to lead double lives. When this happens, their personality splits.

You never know what happens when you split the fabric of personality. One may become less good. One may even turn to the dark side.

Living in Opportunity

While Gays are a minority, they are quite sizeable, roughly one tenth of every society. This genetic trait is roughly the same in all societies. It is a true fact that it occurs in the Animal Kingdom as well.

Homophobic Orcs persecute the Gay people. They enjoy cursing. They gain dark energy from cursing. Homophobic Orcs draw power from the dark side. They would rather keep the Gays as a persecuted minority.

Somebody needs to speak up. Most Gays dare not speak up. They prefer to lead their secret lives. While there is much propaganda against Gays, Gays are still not actively persecuted.

Therefore the light side is living in opportunity. Speak up for the persecuted. Use logic and facts. Argue against bigoted religious dogma. Be true followers of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.



Thanksgiving and Praise or Dogmatic Terok enforces Pariah Law
Thanksgiving and Praise or Dogmatic Terok enforces Pariah Law

Thanksgiving and Praise or Dogmatic Terok enforces Pariah Law.


We Believe

We believe most Germans, Japanese, Gays, Muslims, Chinese, and Vietnamese are good eggs. You only need one bad egg to cause a lot of harm. For example the bad egg Hitler. Most people are sheeple. They just follow what their leaders tell them. Most people are automatons. They just do as they are told. One bad egg can influence millions of sheeple or automatons.

Don’t let a few bad eggs cause you to make sweeping generalizations about a particular race, religion, or sexual orientation group.


May God Help Us

May God help the people of the light side spread peace and love.

It is a constant battle. The battlefield is in your mind.

You never fully get rid of your internal demons. You learn to live above them. You learn to live with your internal angels.

Most people are good at heart. Therefore the universe is mostly benevolent. Therefore the Creator of Heaven and Earth is mostly benevolent.

God wants His people to live in peace and harmony. This also means internal peace and harmony for each individual.

The people of the light side seek to promote peace and harmony.

看哪,弟兄和睦同居 是何等地善,何等地美!
诗篇 133:1

How to achieve this light? Follow the true teachings of Jesus. Love and compassion wins. When you are enlightened you are with the bright side. You see the world and everything in it as miracles.

Give thanks for the lovely blue diamond Earth that we inherited. Thanksgiving is gratefulness to God. Sing Praises to our LORD, Adonai, Yahweh, Allah, Jehovah, 耶和华, יהוה. Thank you, Jesus, 耶稣, ישוע. Thank you, Holy Spirit, 圣灵, רוח אלוהים. Blessed be Our Creator for all eternity. He is great and exceedingly praiseworthy.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Let us make Middle Earth (MEarth) great again. Middle Earth First. Middle Kingdom Second. Make MEarth great again. Keep MEarth great. God Bless MEarth!!!

We have to build a Great Mirror to protect MEarth from Illegal Hordes of Orcs coming from the planet of Terok. They may open dimensional portals to try to enter illegally into MEarth. They don’t like their own Pariah society so they want to go to a freer non-Pariah society. Then they want to convert the non-Pariah society to a Pariah society. That is why we need to build the Great Mirror to shield ourselves from Terok. They haven’t realized it yet but the Orcs from Terok are going to pay for the building of the Great Mirror. No question about it.

Chinese Transliteration Christian Songs (Simplified & Traditional + English Meaning)



Join the light side. See things in a positive light. There is great power in positive thinking. You make everybody happy. Most importantly you make yourself happy. The happy thoughts that you enjoy yourself telepathically broadcast and transmit to other Humans around you. Other Humans receive your happy thoughts and also get enlightened. It’s a true fact. Be happy and those around you will be happy. Some people are sad. Try to make them happy. But be careful. Happiness follows the dynamics of flows. Watch out that the sad people do not drain away your happiness and suck you dry. You need to be overflowing with happiness before you can help others. Happiness comes from everlasting life. How can you overflow with the living waters of everlasting life? There is only one way. Believe in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. In Him is all forgiveness of sins. In Him there is no shame. In Him is freedom, truth, and love. Those who trust in God receive health, wisdom, and love. They become people of the light. The people on the light side spread peace, joy, and love. With the light side are mirth, gaiety, and cheerfulness.


Always look on the bright side of life!

Love One Another

Love One Another

The Middle Kingdom has been very progressive in realizing that everybody is born differently.

We are all sons of Adam and daughters of Eve. Let us love one another. #Love #One #Another #LoveOneAnother

Chinese advocates pave way for autistic children

Monkeys get autism gene in quest for treatments

China’s first lady visits children with autism in Beijing

Families taking the strain of autism care

Cloud Atlas author hails Japanese writer for window into autism

Overcoming autism through art

Autism incidence higher than expected

Pan Pacific hotel raises money for autistic children

Therapy dogs ease plight of autistic children

Argentine scientists discover gene mutation that causes autism

Efforts to improve autism awareness

Opening up on autism

We, the citizens of Earth, pledge ourselves as one united people, regardless of race, language, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, physical ability, physical attractiveness, intellectual ability, exceptionality, socioeconomic stratum, geographical area, age, creed, colour, national origin, or ethnicity, to build a happy gay cheerful society, based on justice and equality, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity, and progress for our world.

Sons Of Adam And Daughters Of Eve Love One Another
Sons Of Adam And Daughters Of Eve Love One Another

Love One Another.

Great leaders can change their minds too: PAP-C:

Paul the Apostle Pre-Conversion:
had believed circumcision was the rite through which males became part of Israel, an exclusive community of God’s chosen people;[Phil. 3:3-5]

Paul the Apostle Post-Conversion:
now believed that neither circumcision nor uncircumcision means anything, but that the new creation is what counts in the sight of God,[Gal. 6:15] and that this new creation is a work of Christ in the life of believers, making them part of the church, an inclusive community of Jews and Gentiles reconciled with God through faith.[Rom. 6:4]

Love One Another.

In loving memory of Alan Turing, the autistic genius bullied by society.

Autistic genius Alan Turing
Autistic genius Alan Turing

Hoping for a galaxy where love, acceptance, and compassion trumps hate, intolerance, and religious bigotry.

Love One Another.

Religion Sun, Religion Moon, and the Ultimate Truth

A citizen of Secular Country (SC) was standing for election in SC.

This citizen of SC finds comfort in Religion Sun.

There are fanatic leaders of Religion Moon in SC.

They quoted a verse from The Ultimate Truth Book of Religion Moon.

The verse says that God says that you must kill people who do not believe in Religion Moon.

The opponents of the citizen of SC invoked this verse from the Ultimate Truth Book of Religion Moon.

It was a trap.

The citizen of SC said that you still vote for him.

“Blasphemy! You are going against the Ultimate Truth Book of Religion Moon!”, the fanatic leaders of Religion Moon exclaimed.

Religion Sun and Religion Moon
Religion Sun and Religion Moon

They led tens of thousands of people into violent protests and riots. To satisfy the maddening mob, this politician was put into jail.

Be Ethical Christians to Protect Population, Promises, and Purpose

To be Ethical Christians, protecting population, promises, and purpose (PPPP).


Overpopulation is causing the world’s problem. The South China Sea has only ten percent of the fish left, compared to 1960s level. LGBTQIA is mother nature’s birth control. Make love, not war. Evil military people support war. War is another birth control. People are murdered to reduce the population. War is evil. War is cruel. Everybody loses in war. There is no logic or reason in war. There are no human rights in war.

Overpopulation leads to crisis, conflict, confrontation, and chaos (CCCC).

No evidence is good enough if you are not willing to believe.

Be Ethical Christians
Be Ethical Christians


Great leaders have promised to protect gay people.

A promise is very important. Honour your word. You will make people very angry if you break your promise. Be ethical Christians.

G-d always keeps His promise, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”
2 Corinthians 12:9 NIV


Alphabet’s motto is: Do the right thing.
I think this statement by itself may be subjective.
The unethical Christians thought they were doing the right thing by murdering innocent Jews, homosexuals, and disabled people during the Holocaust. There exist unethical Christians/Muslims/X that condemn Jews, homosexuals, and disabled people even to this day. Let us be ethical X.

I prefer the original motto of Google: Don’t be evil.

My motto is: Be happy and do good.
יָדַעְתִּי, כִּי אֵין טוֹב בָּם–כִּי אִם-לִשְׂמוֹחַ, וְלַעֲשׂוֹת טוֹב בְּחַיָּיו.
I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live.
Ecclesiastes 3:12

The movie Monkey King (2016) teaches us to do good:
Traditional Chinese 西遊記之孫悟空三打白骨精
Simplified Chinese 西游记之孙悟空三打白骨精
Mandarin Xī Yóu Jì Zhī Sūn Wù Kōng Sān Dǎ Bái Gǔ Jīng
Do good. Never give up. You will be rewarded.

China’s one-or-two child policy is another birth control. This is good.

Let’s see The Brothers Grimsby (2016) if you will
特务大临演 (2016)

Introduction of deadly viruses is another birth control. People are murdered to reduce the population. This is evil.

Look at China. It is possible to perform birth control and do good at the same time.

Be Ethical Christians

Be happy and do good. Be ethical Christians. This is our purpose driven life, universe, and everything.

God is at the Centre of my Universe


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(6) 【詩歌】耶和華神已掌權
(7) Tov Lehodot La Adonai + Support Pink Dot!

I have God at the centre of my universe.

It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in humans.
Psalm 118:8 NIV

诗篇 118:8 CUNPSS-神

טוֹב, לַחֲסוֹת בַּיהוָה, מִבְּטֹחַ, בָּאָדָם.
תהלים 118:8 WLC